April 13, 2024

DJ Sincere


Introducing DJ Sincere: A Hip Hop Journey from the Block to Center Stage

From the streets of Quern, NY, DJ Sincere's love affair with Hip Hop began at an early age. By the tender age of 11, he had already mastered his first set of turntables right on his block. Fast forward to 17, and DJ Sincere was already spinning at parties like a seasoned pro, transitioning seamlessly from intimate house gatherings to the glitz and glam of major nightclubs and star-studded events.

His DJ prowess soon caught the attention of iconic New York City venues like Nell's, DownTime, Club New York, and Copacabana, where he became a fixture behind the decks, setting the tone for unforgettable nights on the town. It was during this time that DJ Sincere co-founded DRTYBSMNT Multimedia, a platform dedicated to creating and distributing mixtapes worldwide, while also nurturing local talent at their recording studio for over a decade.

A natural on the airwaves, DJ Sincere made his radio debut alongside longtime mixtape host Justus Nelson on IL.A.R. D 3014, based in St. Louis. He then took his talents to Hava Mixtape Radio on the Pirase Radio Network, where his show consistently ranked in the top 10 for two consecutive years, claiming the number one spot twice. With a knack for syndication, DJ Sincere expanded his reach to various stations, eventually taking over hosting duties when Justus retired from the business.

As the founder of DRTYBSMNT Radio, DJ Sincere pioneered indie broadcasting, attracting high-profile guests and celebrities to his show on a weekly basis. From spinning tracks to interviewing A-listers, DJ Sincere's passion for radio knows no bounds, cementing his status as a major force in the industry.

Today, DJ Sincere continues to make waves as a versatile DJ, on-air personality, and mixtape host, bringing his infectious energy and undeniable talent to parties, events, and airwaves alike. Follow him on social media @DRTYBSMNT and witness the evolution of a true Hip Hop visionary.

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